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"Becoming the Cat Lady" Timeline

Now that I've finished my first draft, I'm ready to get this manuscript as good as I can get it before querying (searching for an agent). I learned at the Wisconsin Writers Association conference last year that you only get ONE SHOT with an agent, so make sure the manuscript is publication-ready.

Here's my plan for 2024:

📖 January-February 2024: edit

📖 March 2024: have my 3 beta readers read and send feedback

📖 April 2024: second edit after beta reader input

📖 May 2024: send to editor (Christine DeSmet)

📖 June 2024: third edit after editor input

📖 August 2024: query search (find agents I want to submit to)

📖 September 2024: query!

So far I'm on track. I have ten days left in February to finish this first draft edit and it's looking like I'll get it done with zero days to spare!

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