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"Becoming the Cat Lady" Women's Fiction Novel Coming Soon!

A failed social media influencer escapes to northern Wisconsin, only to discover another tarnished reputation she has inherited.

After a livestream fail on her popular social media account, 40-year-old mom, Brooke McGovern, deletes her profile and lives in hiding. But she misses the followers—they made her feel valued when motherhood overwhelmed the rest of her life. So when her husband files for divorce, Brooke decides to reinvent herself: she hatches a plan to remodel her deceased aunt’s “cat house” in northern Wisconsin with the help of Logan, her childhood-crush-turned-contractor, and document the process on a new social media account.

Maple Grove seems like the perfect place for her and her teenage daughter to start over, but it holds secrets about her aunt, “the cat lady,” whom members of the community single-handedly blame for the town’s cat overpopulation. As Brooke helps her daughter with school as a single parent, the local veterinarian ropes Brooke into working part time to quell the cat population through a state-funded Trap-Neuter-Release program.

But when her daughter’s grades begin to slip even further than when she was with her husband, it becomes apparent that Brooke’s way of parenting isn’t enough, and she starts to believe her daughter would be better off with her ex-husband if she can’t get her grades up by Christmas.

As the leaves begin to fall, the mysteries surrounding her aunt unravel, and Brooke must decide if the perfect life she portrays online is the life she wants to live.

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